Northwest Florida Family Photography - Strawberry Patch

It's been almost two months since my last blog post -- things have been busy.  I have literally dozens of posts to get caught up on! 

These images were from a trip to Akers of Strawberries in Baker, FL.  This was the first time my littles had been out to pick their own food, and they had a blast!!!  (Side-note, I planted a strawberry patch {okay, two plants} in our backyard as soon as we moved in, but the squirrels have managed to beat me to the goods every. single. time.)  They really seemed to appreciate the process.  The idea of scouring the plants for the perfect red berry, and actually plucking the fruit was so much more fulfilling than simply picking up a crate from the produce department at Publix.  The idea that earth provides food for us, isn't obvious to toddlers in today's hustle and bustle.  This experience connected those dots for their little minds and even allowed them to be involved!!

To top off the experience, my mom was even able to join!  Aside from the kids sharing this experience with Yaya, Mama B grew up on a farm, so I appreciated the fact that she was able to give them better guidance than I could have.  I like to fancy myself a certified horticulturist since I've successfully established a green lawn here in FL, but in all reality, I'm still guessing as I work through the produce department.

At the end of the adverture, we swung into the shop, and shared a phenomenal Strawberry Shortcake topped with their famous Strawberry Yogurt.  So, because going through these pictures has me craving Strawberry Shortcake, I found this recipe that looks absolutely amazing!!  I'll have to give it a try, take pictures, and update this post later. ;)  

PS:  For the record, my daughter kept trying to pull every strawberry (including the white ones)...   


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