Legacy Series

Hello!  Thank you for checking out this link!  Feel free to look around- you'll see my style has evolved drastically since I snapped this picture almost a year ago. ;)  I'd like to quickly share my intentions for this series, and if you're "on board" the form is below, and we can start to plan out your shoot.  

Why a Legacy Series? 

It's common for photographers to establish a series of personal work for their portfolio.  There are a ton of overly used categories: dancers (ballet, jazz, ballroom, etc); animals (a model with a donkey, a model with a horse, a model with a chicken, you get the idea); heritage; lifestyle... the list goes on.  I've put a ton of consideration into what my first series would be, and initially I began looking for local dance studios, but then Memorial Day rolled around, and shortly after D-Day, and I realized, there are a ton of more meaningful stories that deserve to be shared.  With the development of social media, there is a ton of superficial spam taking over our screens and current international affairs/ political discussion really has little consequence to the majority of Americans.  My goal for this series is to temporarily move readers away from all of that, and share stories that truly matter.   


How will this work?

Each month will be dedicated to a different hero and his/her Gold Star Family (I'd like it to post within the first few days of each month).  We will meet at least three weeks before the post date to snap some photos.  For the written portion of the post, the space is yours to discuss whatever (except extreme politics).  You can talk about your loved one (or share their stories) or discuss your experiences... the space is yours.  If you'd prefer not to write, you can give me some details, and I can put together a write up.


The shoot: 

If there is a specific location that would be meaningful for your shoot, lets discuss that.  All immediate family is welcome, and if there are any special items that you would like to share, I think they would really help tell the story (flags, coins, uniforms, hats, etc).  



Since I consider this personal work, there is obviously no fee.  I photograph using film so I'll use two rolls per family for their Legacy Series shoot.  If you're interested in some additional photos, I won't charge for my labor, but the cost would just be my film costs ($32/roll - for the roll, processing, and scanning).   


If you're in, please submit the form below and we'll get started.  I will designate months in the order that families sign up.  Oh, and don't judge me, because I might use some of the above verbiage for my Series Introduction post. ;)


Please call with any questions/concerns - 703.677.2671


Thank you!!!           


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